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27th Annual Fun Festival Nov. 9!  Vendor Booth Space and Sponsorships Available!   We appreciate ALL our supporters!    Thank you to all our donors!

The CES Community Garden Growth grant will provide a tiller and additional supplies to help build this program!

This Library Innovation with Makerspace grant at HHS will create a great creative environment!

Developmental Gymnastics will bring additional enrichment to our students' motor skills!

HMS students will learn to use a 3-D printer in their lessons!

The CES campus recycling program will have new designated bins in every classroom to teach our children conservation!

You're welcome for the alternative seating - it's our pleasure to serve the community!

These STEAM lab carts will make children and adults want to learn - students will love these!

Our HEF members loved the chance to break the rules and play cowbell, drums, tambourines, bells, and more in the library!

We are so pleased to be able to support the CES Community Garden!

Coach Griffith was preparing her students for their annual Movin' and Groovin' program - these children are blessed to have her instruction!

HHS Life Skills Grant:  Vegetable Garden and Salsa Production! Donate by texting huffman17 to 414-44.
HEF Members ready to surprise Ms. Prichard and her students! Donate by texting huffman17 to 414-44.
HEF members are ALWAYS excited for Prize Patrol day!  It's great to bring smiles to teachers and students!!Donate by texting huffman17 to 414-44.
HEF Christmas elves surprised Ms. Lewis and Ms. Fitz-Gerald and the Plant Freaks Club members with a grant to help improve their community garden - looking forward to the harvest!
The Kindergarten Team at BBECC was surprised with their grant for alternative seating! Donate by texting huffman17 to 414-44.
More Kindergarteners excited about the alternative seating grant!
 HHS Science Team is excited about their Vernier Probeware grant!  Science at HHS will never be the same! Donate by texting huffman17 to 414-44.
Smiling faces on HHS science teachers' faces for the probeware grant! Donate by texting huffman17 to 414-44.

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27th Annual Huffman Fun Festival

Date: 11/9/2019, 10 AM 4 PM
Location: Jack Spence Stadium 24403 E Lake Houston Pkwy Huffman, TX 77336