Huffman Education Foundation

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1st Annual Truck Raffle, March 6 - Get your raffle tickets now!       Your support needed! Donate today!       HEF still on board for full teacher/student support this year!      Thank you, Huffman, for supporting HEF and Huffman ISD!

Board of Directors

Huffman Education Foundation
Board of Directors
President Mr. Kirk Vaughn
Secretary Ms. Ashley Futerfas
Vice President of Finance & Governance Mr. Tim Brittain
Vice President of Programs Mr. Aaron Alexander
Vice President of Development Ms. Nancy Farrior
Vice President of Fall Events Ms. Stephanie Wiggins
Vice President of Spring Events Ms. Jeanna Bumpas / Ms. Morgan Marley
Vice President At-Risk Outreach Ms. Monica Oncale
Executive Director Dr. Shirley Dupree
Director Mr. Jim Dees
Director Ms. Sarah Whiting
Director Ms. Kimberly Gonzalez
Director Mr. Jared Dagley
Director Ms. Amanda Kelley
Director Ms. Britney Samperi
Director  Mr. Matt Dutton
Director Ms. Lori Barrett
Chaplain Dr. Renae Lister
Director Mr. Patrick Keith
Director Dr. Joel Nolte
Director Dr. Benny Soileau